Second Physical Therapy Visit

01 Feb

I just got back from my second visit to the physical therapist.  As it turns out, she still wanted to do an assessment, this time on my back and hips.  She said that because of the location of the attachments in the pelvis, problems in the muscles of the lower back and hips can cause problems in the pelvic floor.  Also, the back, stomach, and pelvic floor all work together to support your upper body.  She suspected that my back was at least part of the cause of my hypertonic pelvic floor.

She had me do several exercises and I couldn’t possibly remember them all.  When we got done, she said that something in my pelvis was misaligned.  She also noted that it looked like I had a leg length discrepancy.  To correct it, she did some stretching and pulling on my legs and back.  Finally, she put her arm between my knees and asked me to squeeze as hard as I could.  As I did, I felt and heard a loud pop and it felt like my penis cracked off.  Whatever it was, she said that it was good and that I was back in alignment.  She checked my legs again and the discrepancy was gone.

After that she gave me a very deep lower back and hip muscle massage.  I have never had such a painful massage in my life.  I couldn’t relax the muscles she was massaging, but she said it didn’t really matter since she was just trying to get the blood flowing.  When she finished, she had me lie on a hot table to heat my back.  That felt great!  At that point I was so relaxed that I almost fell asleep.  That finished the therapy session.  Before I left she gave me four hip and lower back stretches to do every night which I’ll put in the next post.

So after two appointments, the physical therapist has found very specific problems that will cause urinary hesitancy and premature ejaculation.  Now we can start to heal them and see what effect that has on my problems.

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